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Article from the Archives!

A little bit of History re-enacted in the Lower Aghada – Rostellan area.

A little bit of History was re-enacted in Lower Aghada – Rostellen, Saturday, Sept. 27th. I am referring to the efforts of the Lower Aghada Tennis and Sailing Club, to re-establish their interests, in Sailing and Boating activities here, in the Lower Aghada area.

Last Saturday morning, following on some frantic phone calls, text messages, and E mails, a group of people gathered at the Tennis Club, and the result was, that 5 Boats were launched, and some 14 – 15 people took to the water in the various Sailing boats, and enjoyed the morning’s activity. This Sailing activity, could loosely be considered to be a re-enactment, of the first Leisure Sailing activities, which were first introduced to Ireland, quite some time ago, by the Earl of Inchiquin, when he introduced Sailing as a Leisure Pastime, locally her at Rostellan. Thus the historic connection.

The weather was fantastic, with lots of Sunshine, the winds were light, and the Sea was quite calm, just the mixture, required to entice people out on to the water. Among the group were 4 people who had not been out sailing before , and from the conversations afterwards, while having a cup of Tea / Coffee, they all really enjoyed the experience, and more importantly, want to do it again.

They all got the experience of being aboard a Sailing Boat in all the various points of sail, as they cruised out from the Tennis Club Slipway, out to the East Ferry Bouy, round the Bouy, and back Eastwards towards the Lower Aghada Pier. So they encountered the wind coming from all directions and still managed to maintain their course, and to maintain control of the situation.

So, what next, well let us see if we can organise, at least one more “Session on the Water”, and get more people involved, while the weather is favourable. We do appreciate that there are quite an amount of people, living in the local area, who would like to have the opportunity of getting out on the water, but who do not have access to a boat, and there are also people who have boats, who would like to have somebody to sail with them, this is an opportunity to have one group meet with the other group.

Cork Harbour is a fantastic Outdoor Facility, for all kinds of Water Borne activities, right here on our doorstep, waiting to be enjoyed by all, young and old alike. The Lower Aghada Tennis and Sailing Club is only too happy to facilitate this venture, in an attempt to introduce the local people to the benefits of Cork Harbour.

If you are interested, in taking part in this venture, please contact 087-9696367